Student Interns

The Center for Poetry depends on the work of our talented and enthusiastic student interns to carry out our mission.


Jayla Harris-Hardy

Jayla is a Senior majoring in English with a concentration in Literacy Stories. She is originally from Macomb, MI. She wanted poetry to have a bigger role in her day to day life than it already did, and working at the Center for Poetry is the perfect way to do so (and spending time with fellow interns doesn’t hurt either). She loves reading and writing poetry in her free time.


Charlotte Krause

Charlotte is a Junior majoring in Arts and Humanities. She is originally from Rochester Hills, MI. She has always been an avid reader and writer and has had so much fun learning more about what the poetry world has to offer as an intern.

Kaylee McCarthy

Kaylee is a Junior studying Arts and Humanities, German, and Art History. She is originally from Woodridge, IL. She loves that the Center for Poetry brings poets, students, and community members together in conversation about poetry. She believes that one of the best things about poetry is the connections it sparks, both across large spans of time and space and in more localized dialogues, which she gets to engage in at the Center for Poetry. She loves learning from her community and sharing her passion for poetry. Being an intern at the Center for Poetry never gets boring, and she has enjoyed doing a variety of exciting tasks, including printing broadsides, organizing the library, reading manuscripts, and attending amazing events.



Fabrizzio Torero

Originally from Washington, DC, and Rome, Italy, Fabrizzio is a Senior majoring in Arts and Humanities and Film Studies. He has always enjoyed reading and writing and is excited to return to the Center as an intern this year and to continue to expand the role of poetry and community in his life.