We at the RCAH Center for Poetry believe in the power of poetry to enrich our everyday lives: to capture the essence of an experience, to touch the intangible, to explore the unknowable. We believe that poetry is and should always be accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful. We believe that there is no age limit for experiencing the joy of poetry, and we see this embodied in the first grader creating a poem from cut and pasted magazine segments as well as the retired teacher who finally has time to write for pleasure.

 If you, too, believe in the power of poetry and its related forms, please consider donating to the Center for Poetry. Your money goes to support the work we do providing free workshops and events to the Mid-Michigan region. Our programming includes literary readings, writing workshops for children and adults, awards at the high school level, MSU undergraduate level, and national level, teaching conferences, and partnerships with university units and local organizations. In contributing your support, you will play an important part in fulfilling our mission to enrich the lives of others through the reading, writing, and discussion of poetry.

Financial Donations

Here are two ways to make your tax-deductible donation:

1. Check donations: Make out a check to “Michigan State University” and include “RCAH Center for Poetry” in the memo line. Checks may be sent to The RCAH Center for Poetry at MSU, 362 Bogue Street, Snyder C210, East Lansing, MI 48825.

2. Online donations: Visit In the search bar at the top of the page, type in “Residential College in the Arts and Humanities Center for Poetry.” Select this fund, add it to your cart, and enter the amount you wish to donate.

If you would like to make a credit card gift over the phone or have questions about supporting the Center for Poetry, please contact Elizabeth McCarthy at (517) 884-5997 or



Thank you for your support!