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2024 Balocating Prize Winner

Congratulations to Julia Rudlaff, whose poem "In May," was chosen by final judge Gabrielle Calvocoressi as the 2024 Annie Balocating Undergraduate Prize for Poetry winner.

About the winning poem, Gabrielle Calvocoressi writes:

"With its formal rigor and endlessly surprising imagery and detail, 'In May' takes the body’s relentless journey towards oblivion and makes a love poem, an elegy,  a cartography of poetic possibility. I want to read more poems by this poet. A whole lifetime of them.”



Julia was awarded $500 and read the winning poem at An Evening with Laura Apol and 2024 Balocating Prize Announcement, held on April 3, 2024.

Finalists for the 2024 Balocating Prize for Undergraduate Poetry are Nura Al-Shamari, Abrielle Briske, Kalynna Davies, Lily Gabos, Khanyisile Nawa, Micah Prince, Julia Rudlaff, and Jeremiah Young-Walker.



In May,

When I see the skeleton

of a deer

or fox


the forest floor


            I remember


how I used to

how I sometimes still


that body

was mine


I hesitate —

calling it a


what makes a


more than



Is it




                     a conscience?


who knows


I know,

it's been a long winter.


I see myself


becoming more




                     I remember




decaying in february

refreezing in april


I wonder,


when the snow melts from my veins

if the rivers within me

will continue to run

or —


if i'll wake up

carved apart,

pelvis under piles of leaves

skull propped up on a tree

spine dangling,

turned into jewelry

for an artist's



Julia Rudlaff
Winner, 2024 Balocating Prize for Undergraduate Poetry



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