Poem of the Week: I Live in the Woods of my Words

October 12, 2020 - Staff

Center for Poetry intern Kaylee McCarthy chose this week's selection, I Live in the Woods of my Words, by Hannah Emerson, and says this about it: 

I Live in the Woods of my Words is a beautiful exploration of the organic relationship between nature and poetry. It is a poem full of life and captivating hope. Emerson’s circular approach and innovative use of words and phrases like “grownd” and “the towards” are stunning. I chose this poem because I think Emerson really does reinvent language, and I’m excited to hear more of her work and the work of other nonspeaking poets at our Neurodivergent Poetics event." 


Poem retrieved 10/12/20 from PoetrySociety.org



I Live in the Woods of my Words

                              ~ Hannah Emerson

I live in the branches 
of the trees. I live in 
the great keeping 
freedom of the really 
helpful down yearning 
in the grownd of the forest 
floor. The words fall
from the sky like snow
on this day. They become
the floor of the forest.
The ground from which 
all things grow into 
the towards. It is great
great dream of life
try to dream. I live 
in each letter that is 
where you will find me. 
They have been given
to us as keys to the great
breathing hope of life. 
I always wanted to live
there, but couldn’t live
there until the poetry 
gave me life of words.