Local Writing Groups and Resources

Lansing Poet Laureate Project

Every two years, The RCAH Center for Poetry in collaboration with The Lansing Poetry Club and LEAP select a poet laureate to engage with the tri county to promote the poetic art form.


Evergreen Haiku Study Group

Evergreen Haiku Study group is a monthly study group whose activities include read-around, aesthetic explorations, craft exercises, writing time, anonymous kukai, collaborative play, and other forms of shared appreciation for one of the smallest poetic forms on the planet. All are welcome regardless of experience level. To request meeting information and to learn more, email evergreenhaiku@gmail.com.


Lansing Poetry Club

Lansing Poetry Club hosts various events and open mic nights online and in the Lansing area. They also partner with the Center for Poetry to host the Lansing Poet Laureate Project. Check out their website as well for more information


The Poetry Room

The Poetry Room hosts a series of open mic nights in the Lansing area. They foster a modern, fast-paced environment at their events that uphold expressions and truths of various types. Check out their website as well for more information.